Website Call Tracking

Evergreen can provide you complete womb-to-tomb tracking of all leads from Origination to Destination Call Center.

Be it from Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media, Blogging, or any other content we develop for you – we can definitively track it to termination at a phone in your facility and more importantly dump this tracking directly into your Google Analytics Package or our Custom Analytics Package which provides Real-Time Online Access Anywhere Reporting.



  • You provide access to webserver and PBX remotely -or- we host your website on our servers and phone system on our virtual PBX.
  • You provide the last six (6) months of Google Analytics or Web Tracking Reports related to call tracking (baseline).
  • You fill out our Call Tracking investigation questionnaire.
  •  We agree targets and hurdles to plug into our Bespoke Analytics Program.
  • The Advisors take complete control of all Call Tracking related activity per the agreed budget.
  • We set up monthly meetings for fact-based performance review.



  • You get: completely customized Call Tracking Solution an outsourced Advisor or Group of Advisors that manage your Call Tracking Solution.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • Starts at €10,000 Euro/month (12 month minimum).
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