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If you have a Search Engine Marketing Group in-house that needs Mobile Application Advisor Training or just a helping hand, we can provide custom packages.

Mobile is really big and so important that Google has officially announced search engine penalties to sites and businesses that are not mobile-friendly. Stats say that mobile internet user market shares have reached over 40% of all internet traffic. In the coming years, mobile video will show the most explosive growth and in three short years, a large percentage of data requests will be processed in the mobile cloud.

Can you afford that type of loss? The good thing now is that you can play on the same level as the big ones through mobile apps.

Are you thinking about using mobile apps for your business? There’s no reason not to invest in the mobile app. Making an app for your business is now possible for any size of business and industry. A customized mobile app will help your business increase mobile presence and profits.

Mobile App Development Career

More developers are able to start creating applications and publishing them to a store that is accessible to millions of people around the world. And now, we have developers that are becoming entrepreneurs and getting into developing their own apps for public consumption. Google and Apple have made it insanely easy to self-publish apps. So, there’s no excuse of developing an idea and team up with great designers to turn those ideas into reality.

Now, you find that everybody wants to be a mobile app developer. If you want to pursue a mobile application career, you want to make sure that you understand that you are going to be putting an app out there that’s going to be on everyone’s personal device. That has a lot of issues and responsibilities that come along with it.

So before you get started, learn how you are going to approach and market yourself to the world and get some mobile application training to teach you the necessary skills and fundamentals in a reduced period of time.

How To Become A Mobile Application Developer

If you are a programmer in another background or maybe you don’t have any programming experience at all, here are our tips on how you can become a mobile developer;

Explore The Basic Tools – The first thing you want to do is download the necessary tools depending on if you want to become an iOS developer or Android developer and start tinkering around with the software development kit. Learn the basic apps, play around and become familiar with the tools until you’re comfortable enough where you can take those ideas and then build upon them from there.

Get Some Mobile Application Training – Being a mobile developer is not just about coding. It’s actually a lot more. It’s mostly centered around understanding the user interface, user experience and really making an app that a user wants to use over and over again, for a long period of time. But in order to understand the full picture, getting some mobile application training and industry-expert guide will separate you from the majority of people who have never done it.

Publish An App To The App Store – Either the Google Play or iTunes store, get the app published in your name. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it can be something basic but decent and has a friendly user interface with a simple design. It can be something that you’d be proud to include on your profile or resume and show off to potential clients.

Learn The Coding and Design Patterns – You have to be comfortable with the design patterns and code. These are common in mobile development and something that can make or break your app. If you have a good design pattern, it’s easy to add new features to your app to fix existing bugs to make your code testable. Nevertheless, a bad design pattern can complicate things so much more.

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If you have a Search Engine Marketing Group in-house that needs Mobile Application Advisor Training or just a helping hand, we can provide custom packages.

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