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If you have a graphic person or graphic group in-house that needs Design Advisor Training or just a helping hand, we can provide custom packages for your needs.

Graphic design is the ability to create a design on multiple different mediums. A graphic designer must understand the fundamentals of graphic design such as color, typography, layout, images or how it all lines up on the grid, and being able to visually express their idea in the best possible way. Graphic design has become an essential part of any business. More and more people are pursuing this career because it is always in demand, a great opportunity to express your passion and a lifelong learning experience.

But there are no shortcuts to being a professional graphic designer. Companies and aspiring designers would benefit greatly from getting design training as it expands your software proficiencies and core competencies.

Is Graphic Designing Right For You?

First of all, you must understand what exactly is a design. Probably the #1 misconception about design is that it’s just “making things pretty”. While there are some aspects to making the design visually appealing, that’s only the top layer of design. It goes much deeper than that, ultimately, the design is solving a problem in a meaningful way.

You can’t think of design as something personal towards you as a designer. Most of the time, you are not creating things for yourself, but you are designing for a client or the company that you’re working for. You are not designing things just because you like them. But, you’re solving problems on behalf of another person or another company.

In order to be a designer, you need to be able to put yourself aside, think in terms of the ultimate viewer, the audience or the users that are going to be using the design and looking at the design.

Do You Need An Education?

If you’re thinking about being a designer, you may be wondering if you need to go to college, teach yourself or just wing it and see what happens. Definitely, as long as you’re getting an education somewhere, you need it.

Most people who are designers have some kind of innate or raw talent. On the other hand, you need to refine your technical skills in order to be a successful, professional designer. So whether that’s through school, art program, from books and online videos or taking design training, you can be a successful graphic designer. Certainly, having a design education is a must.

If you want to pursue this career, there are certain things you have to be really into such as;

Passion For Design – Obviously, you have to love design. If this is what you will be doing every day, you have to love the theories behind the design, the reasons for design and you have to value it. If you don’t value design, it would be difficult to convince a client to value your work.

Passion To Help People – You have to love helping people solve real problems. These problems may not be something you personally relate to. But at the end of the day, it was your job to learn from them and see what their world was like so that you could, in turn, be empathetic toward their audience or users. Finally, you have to get outside of your comfort zone and understand that you are doing a service for someone, not yourself and be comfortable with it.

Enjoy The Process – You have to enjoy the creative process. The majority of your time is going to be sitting down, usually by yourself, taking every step of the creative process all the way t

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If you have a graphics person or graphics group in-house that needs Design Advisor Training or just a helping hand, we can provide custom packages for your needs.

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