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Evergreen can provide you 100% Bespoke Lead Generation & Nurturing Program such as Sales Sequencing, Sales Funneling, Auto-Responses, Theme Development, among others.

Lead generation today has really changed. Years ago, we had telephones and lists and when you called somebody, you were calling on the behest of introducing yourself to individuals who didn’t know you and didn’t know your product or service. The problem is, today’s consumer is smarter than you could ever imagined. They have tools, social media, forums, blogs, mobile apps and an array of content available to them so that they can do research and look for the information they need.

So, the consumer who has a want or needs to fill automatically knows what they’re looking for before you pick up the phone or before you call them. More importantly, they call you. But that’s not to say that lead generation is not important. Lead generation is vital to your success as a selling professional and business. The simple reason is, the more people that you’re meeting, the more people you’re able to close business with.

What is Lead Generation And Lead Nurturing?

Lead Generation is a process of marketing that captures and stimulates the interest in a certain service or product to increase the sales. Most of the time, companies use online digital marketing strategies in order to lure future clients. This is their most effective way of growing their business into a much larger scale.

Lead nurturing, on the other hand, is the process that you do once you have already gained the trust of your client. You communicate with them consistently to know their demands and comply with their needs.

The difference between Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

Lead Generation and Nurturing go hand in hand. They coexist and are both very important to the growth of a business.

In fact, according to MarketingSherpa, there are over 70% of selling professionals today that are not able to close the business because they don’t have enough information in the pipeline or they lack in lead nurturing. Although they coexist with each other, they still have a difference that separates them. The one thing that separates them from each other is the order of how marketing happens between two parties.

Lead generation happens first since it is basically the part where you introduce your company to another client. During this process, you continue to work with your networks hoping to find the right client for your business. While lead nurturing is what you do to your client to keep them remain intact with you. This is the process where you constantly stay in touch with your client to make them stay with you.

How important is Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing?

These two concepts of marketing are very important. Lead Generation and lead nurturing give your business the perfect timing to produce and share to your future clients more contents and information that are relevant, interesting and stimulating. This is achievable with the help of creative lead generation experts by implementing effective techniques including SEO, PPC advertising, lead generating websites, Social Media, webinars, videos, e-books, blogs, newsletter and more.

Lead generation should always be backed up with lead nurturing. Through this, you can make better progress in sales. If you’re playing the long game, you’re building authority in your marketplace or in your industry. It’s a brand awareness strategy where you’re being in front of the people, offering them value and not expecting anything in return. This allows you to build trust and authority in your marketplace if you deliver the right kind of content and you become the first subject they think of when they need your service or product. Also, when they have fully placed their trust on you, they will start to recommend you with other people.

How We Can Help?

We provide full lead generation and nurturing services

  • Sales Sequencing
  • Sales Funneling
  • Lead Lifecycle Management
  • Auto-Responses
  • Auto-Dialing
  • Campaign Design
  • Workflow Development and Tracking
  • Theme Development
  • Geo-Marketing of Simultaneous Campaigns
  • And Real-Time Online Access Anywhere Reporting

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