Custom Analytics Packages

Evergreen can provide you, or your team, Training on our Bespoke Analytics Program, which has been hailed as Best In Class!

Unique businesses have unique needs, this is the main reason why business websites should anchor at all things that improve their presence in search engine. Well, one way to do this is by considering custom analytics. If you are an online merchant who does not know about it, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Our custom analytics program incorporates various marketing-essential pieces of information on a website and a description of how real people engage with it. As your target audience goes everywhere and takes on a lot of online activities; so your web analytics do.

We present the full picture of your customers through videos, ads, smartphones, and other social tools. It also helps you to examine the visitor traffic and make a detailed picture of your audience and the things that they need. It also allows business owners to track the routes that people take in order to reach you as well as the tools and traffic sources.

8 Most Important Things To Track In Google Analytics Metrics

So, you want to have an edge over your competitors? Make sure you’ll monitor these things in Google Analytics metrics:

  1. Social Overview – Social Overview allows you to measure the ‘social relationship’. When you say ‘social relationship’, this simply refers to the social media effect on your website. This gives you detailed information on your user engagement, media channel where your contents were shared as well as the flow of users within your website.
  2. Users and Demographic Interests – It’s important to track this metric as it enables to know your visitors better, helping you plan excellent strategies. Come to think of it—if you know the gender, age, where they come from or what their interests are, you can certainly make well-informed decisions in terms of products and type of contents to publish in your website.
  3. Form Conversions – Once a user signs up and fills out the form on your website, they are moving forward in their customer journey. These forms don’t just gather leads. You may utilize them in accumulating comments and feedbacks.
  4. Most popular content and exit pages – Do you want to know what kind of content fits your site? Then, check and track ‘Most popular content and exit pages’ on your site. Through it, you can analyze and create a better strategy for your business’ content.
  5. AMP Reports – Known as Accelerated Mobile Project, this section is an open source initiative which greatly helps in enhancing the speed of web content load for smartphone users. Odds are, there’s an increase in customer engagement and conversions as soon as you activate AMP in your website. By monitoring it, you can now see the actual reports of your business’ mobile traffic.
  6. Custom Dimensions – Monitoring custom dimensions such as most popular post types, authors or categories, you can evaluate what’s effective and what’s not, allowing you to concentrate on things that require improvement.
  7. Search Console – If you’d dying to know how Google shows and indexes your website in SERP or which keywords brings your site more traffic, Search Console can be your best bet.
  8. Single Session Exit Rate – In case you weren’t aware Single Session Exit Rate, this pertains to the number of visitors who enters your website but leaves right away, without clicking on any other page.

Custom Analytics Packages – Key To Improving Website Performance

Do you need to transform the data according to your needs? No worries. We got you covered. Evergreen features Custom Analytic Packages, allowing you to understand better your business data. We offer analytics training, customized data reporting, analytics audit as well as ongoing website recommendation.

How We Can Help?

Evergreen can provide you, or your team, Training on our Bespoke Analytics Program, which has been hailed as Best In Class!

Our training ensures that you are gathering the correct Key Performance Indicators (KPI), analyzing them correctly, and providing management the information they need to make the most informed decisions possible.

Get Started Today

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art Custom Analytics Packages in 8 easy steps:

  1. You provide us real-time access to your Google Analytics.
  2. You fill out our Google Analytics Training investigation questionnaire.
  3. We provide you a Google Analytics Audit.
  4. We agree with targets and hurdles for the implementation of your Custom Analytics Package.
  5. We extract all Google Analytic data and upload it to our Bespoke Analytics Program.
  6. The Advisors will set up two (2) meetings a week with you, or your team, for training on Bespoke Package.
  7. We set up monthly meetings for a fact-based performance review.
  8. When agreed upon goals are met, our engagement terminates.

What We Promise

  • You get a completely customized Google Analytics Training and a dedicated Advisor that will manage your training program.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


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