Website Call Tracking

Evergreen can provide you complete womb-to-tomb tracking of all leads from Origination to Destination Call Center.

Identifying keywords that can volumes’ the traffic and sales of a website is the ultimate goal of business.

As years passed, the demand for mobile searches is rapidly growing. According to Google, in the average day, 80% of people will use a mobile device, while 67% will use a laptop or computer. Hence, a new approach of website call tracking was introduced.

Website call tracking method that can efficiently provide profitable results. Before, the only method that was used to track down profitable keywords was by digging in the analytics of the website to see which keywords generated conversion. This method is lacking some important capabilities like tracking individual users and analyzing multiple layers of data and conversation.

With website call tracking, you will be allowed to see where the calls are coming from. The basic idea of this method is to assign different phone numbers to different marketing channels in order to ascertain the source of a phone call lead. This method helps in generating more profit per interaction.

Website Call Tracking – How Does It Work?

Website call tracking is as simple as assigning different phone numbers to your different marketing channels. Once a user calls using the assigned phone number, the call will still land to the main phone number of the website. This has been made possible using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) technology.

DNI is responsible for changing phone numbers that visitors see on your website. It inserts a temporary phone number using a website script and when a visitor makes a call the call tracking service will register the session including all the important details about the visitors.

DNI can also track keywords that brought the visitors on your website, activity on the website, their phone number, region, the device used, conversation recording (if your state is allowing it), length of call, and the agent who picked up the call.

5 Reasons Why Website Call Tracking is so important

  1. It helps in optimizing your landing page – Website call tracking can provide you with the right keywords that can work best for your landing page. Tracking call recordings can help you identify trends or issues that callers face. Customers often use terms during phone call conversions and these terms are acquired in tracking software, which can be converted into keywords. Once you have the best keywords for your landing page, it would be easier to drive qualified leads and traffic.
  2. It is a reliable conversion indicator – SEO’s job is not bound to attract traffic but to increase the number of conversions. Every SEO expert knows that a reliable conversion indicator is essential because it tells whether or not the traffic is converting. Website call tracking is a reliable indicator as it tracks real conversions of your website showing what works best and not.
  3. Website call tracking helps optimize your highest converting pages – Call tracking shows the highest converting page on your website. This is the page where users have accessed to call your business. If you understand which pages give you the highest conversion, you can optimize on those pages for greater conversion.
  4. Website call tracking can help you understand the average time on call – Determining the length of time your caller is on the phone talking to your agent is very important. This can determine how engaging your agents are, or what information may be added about your business and services.
  5. It provides comprehensive reports to help you determine call conversions and present your data better – Website call tracking can provide you with reports such as call details, call recordings, and detailed analytics. Through these detailed reports, you can measure marketing effectiveness, ensure better user experiences and organize information efficiently.

How We Can Help?

Be it from Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media, Blogging, or any other content we develop for you – we can definitively track it to termination at a phone in your facility and more importantly dump this tracking directly into your Google Analytics Package or our Custom Analytics Package which provides Real-Time Online Access Anywhere Reporting.

Get Started Today

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art Website Call Tracking tools in 6 easy steps:

  1. You provide access to webserver and PBX remotely -or- we host your website on our servers and phone system on our virtual PBX.
  2. You provide the last six (6) months of Google Analytics or Web Tracking Reports related to call tracking (baseline).
  3. You fill out our Call Tracking investigation questionnaire.
  4. We agree targets and hurdles plug into our Bespoke Analytics Program.
  5. The Advisors take complete control of all Call Tracking related activity per the agreed budget.
  6. We set up monthly meetings for a fact-based performance review.

What We Promise

  • You get: completely customized Call Tracking Solution an outsourced Advisor or Group of Advisors that manage your Call Tracking Solution.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

Our Website Call Tracking Pricing

Starts at €10,000 Euro/month (12-month minimum).