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If you have a graphic person or group in-house that needs Advisor Training or just a helping hand, we can provide custom packages.

When you are in a competitive world, like what is happening today, you need to be more creative and innovative to be on top and stay on top. That is why creativity is a very essential factor in running a successful business, or any commitment. Creativity can be learned and can be enhanced. Therefore, no one can say that they are not born creative. Creativity can be taught, that is why there is what we call “Creative Training”.

The left brain is said to be the “creative side” of the brain. Therefore, everyone has creativity in them that is may, or may not yet be activated. Creative training teaches people that what is in their mind can be molded into something spontaneous to achieve more creative results and processes. The training includes tapping on the convergent thinking of a person first, which involves the listing of detailed analytics and assessment. In other words, the person is being focused on the real problem of the situation, rather than the blurry and unimportant ones. Next, divergent thinking is being tapped, which involves brainstorming, analogies, and more broad ideas. The person then is being flown away to the creative ways on how the real problem can be solved by expecting what is unexpected. Once the convergent and divergent thinking of a person unites, the thoughts turn into a more achievable solution rather than an elusive one.

Taking advantage of the world we are living in, where idea meets creativeness, giving one a competitive advantage. Crazy but near to reality, ideas are sometimes the best solution because people nowadays are very divergent and accepting.

How Creative Training Can Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage?

One of the reasons why a business fails is because the core group of the business is not innovative and resourceful enough to find solutions to their problems. Creative training helps develop the thinking and skills of employees, and this training can help unleash their potentials.

Have them listen to a professional talks about his experiences is fine, but involving them along the process and make them experience the reality is beneficial. Remember, happy employees are productive employees, they also want to participate and be recognized. Since everyone can be creative, every employee can have their fair share of ideas, which once united, can form into an explosive ball of solution that is beneficial for the business. So tapping their potentials, through creative training, can be really advantageous and mind opening.

Moreover, creative training lets you connect with your employees. Employees are not just employees, they see the ins and outs of the business. They face and see problems firsthand, and they probably know how and what solution to give. By giving them creative trainings, their ability will be enhanced and they will feel like they are truly part of the company. Making them feel that their ideas and opinions matter is like building bricks by bricks to the goal of your company. Your goal will also be their goal, and this is what makes a business successful.


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