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Your business is ready to go, now you have to take it mobile – PROFESSIONALLY!

If we jump back to the 90s, we see those mobile phones were quite large, the screens were green and all you could do was make phone calls or send text messages. But as time progressed, they changed in design, they got the colorful appearance and around 2007, Apple announced the iPhone and then everything started to look very similar. We end up with these big large screens, faster processors and better hardware. Some of them still have keyboards on, but the majority of Smartphones have big displays which we can install our own applications. We have these early web browsers where we can load a basic list of links and text and see stuff if we went into a mobile site.

When Apple released the first iPhone, they released Mobile Safari which is a full-featured mobile browser and it rendered websites very well. Of course, without the developers making things, we wouldn’t really get to where the app stores are now.


To App or Not To App?

Today, the majority of mobile phones are now internet-capable whether we’re talking about standard handsets with an internet browser or Smartphones with all the bells and whistles. Chances are, the majority of your prospects have the ability to interact with your brand or business while on the move.

Most of today’s handsets have good web browsers and have the ability to download applications, quality media players and email. With an estimated 20% of the mobile marketing spend currently going into application development, the key question for many marketers and businesses is to go for mobile application development or not? With several different devices rapidly becoming the top choice for everything, there has never been a better time to consider developing your own mobile app. Here are the key reasons why;

Your customers can easily access and buy your products – Mobile apps are revolutionizing the way customers shop and search for information on the products they are interested in. Many companies are seeing a huge increase in revenue by having a mobile app. You can also use your app to your advantage by offering rewards to your app subscribers, which then encourages them to engage and purchase more. Your business can really benefit from having a great mobile application design.

It can improve your service – Good customer service builds trust, brand awareness, reduces problems and highly-valued by customers. Being accessible on mobile devices everywhere can take your business to new heights of interaction that can improve your customers’ overall experience of your business.

Increase Productivity – Mobile apps offer a lot of useful features that other technologies don’t. Using a mobile application for your business ensures that your team has the right tools to maintain effective communication, faster processes, successful collaboration and easy access to organizational resources.

It Promotes Your Brand In An Instant – With an ever increasing number of mobile users that transact, trade, buy, read, watch, play and communicate online, a mobile app is certainly one of the most effective tools to advertise your brand. Since your business logo is always visible to the user once they download your app, they don’t need to search for your business. Thus, you can showcase your offerings right in front of them through their Smartphones.


How We Can Help?

Creating a mobile app without the expertise can potentially be damaging to your business and can leave your customers with the poor user experience. Leave this job to the experts to ensure your brand gets the right type of application to capture your target audience. Our Advisors will work with you and help you craft the requirements of your mobile apps into a unique, user-friendly and beautiful application.


Get Started Today

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art Mobile Application Design in 4 easy steps:

  1. You provide your logo, fill out our brand investigation questionnaire, and provide access on an agreed basis.
  2. Advisor returns to you 5 app design skeletons.
  3. You decide the app design skeleton that best fits your desires.
  4. Advisor provides you with the completed application design for your webmaster team to take over going forward.


What We Promise

  • A complete application design and an agreement providing your rights to all design elements within the app.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


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