Social Media

Evergreen can provide you complete Social Media coverage on the most influential Social Media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Houzz…

Social media engagement is rapidly increasing on a daily basis, it has become a major tool to capture the attention of a large audience, hence, it is imperative to provide and leverage on how best to articulate its proper usage and coverage in marketing products and services.

Evergreen is able to provide you with a perfect and complete social media coverage that is able to leverage on the best and most influential social media channels. Social media channels ranging from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedln, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Houzz and a whole lot more.


Our Social media coverage includes

Marketing Strategy – Marketing entails delivering your message where target audience may see and access them, creating a proper social media marketing strategy is a major prerequisite to any business. At Evergreen, we are able to apply several workable metrics and methods to facilitate your audience engagement through the creation of traffic that in turn bring in more clients and result in proper business growth through online networks.

Competitive Analysis – We are able to craft a competitive analysis of your business, identifying and assessing current and potential competitors, their strength, weaknesses, and opportunities. We are then able to put in place offensive and defensive options for your business, creating an enabling platform for business growth.

Brand Reputation Analysis – Through social media coverage, we are able to take a deep look into customer’s perceived view and assessment of your business and company, thereby, stating the brand attributes to clients. At Evergreen, we are able to create a medium that takes account of several online reviews and mentions, positive and negative brand indicators in comparison to a similar brand.

Audit – Performing an audit of any business or enterprise is a major developmental tool to access growth and helps determine what’s working and what’s not working. At Evergreen, we can prioritize your social media audit through proper assessment of business channels, we tend to uncover performance, strength, and weakness and develop a winning strategy for your business.

Recommendations – Our social media coverage involves creating awareness of your business and in-turn suggesting some healthy business recommendations for proper engagement.

Constant and real-time monitoring – With the rapid increase in social media, it is important to ensure prompt monitoring of this channel. Evergreen can provide a constant and real-time monitoring which may include potential risk and customer engagement.

Contest tool – We create a better way of engagement and loyalty to brand and business through social media contest, the promotion target clientele, and your business audience, it, in turn, result in increased brand awareness and wider audience.

Alerts – Alert are usually placed to inform and intimate individuals or group, it is, therefore, a key factor in social media marketing, it draws the attention of clients and audience to the information being displayed. Evergreen is able to drive social media traffic to your business through social media alert, this informs clients and audience about events and possible promotions.

Real-time online access anywhere reporting – We can help you deliver relevant, effective and efficient brand information at all time to customers through real-time online access; we do this to drive brand integration, awareness and sales.


Our course of action

  • You fill out our Social Media investigation questionnaire.
  • We provide you with a Social Media Audit.
  • We agree targets and hurdles to plug into our Bespoke Analytics Program.
  • The Advisors take complete control of all Social Media related activity per the agreed budget.
  • We set up monthly meetings for a fact-based performance review.



  • You get completely customized Social Media and an outsourced Advisor or Group of Advisors that manage your Social Media presence.
  • 100% money back guarantee.



Starts at €20,000 Euro/month (12 months minimum).