Email Headers and Footers

Your business is ready to go, all you need is that one last thing: – AN EMAIL HEADER/FOOTER!

Most individuals received a barrage of electronic email newsletters and spams which flood their inboxes on a daily basis. Some recipients check the mail as unread without reading the content, while others automatically delete the message or unsubscribe altogether. However, there are cleverly-written newsletters which completely capture the attention of the reader through a digital marketing strategy known as email marketing.

Email marketing is essentially the utilization of email to promote a business product or services to potential clients and consumers. It allows start-up businesses and multinational companies to keep their buyers informed on their newly released commodities or exclusive deals by sending messages through an automated mail. Furthermore, email marketing aids businesses to maintain and develop their connection with their clients which can increase financial sales and consumer support.

To effectively communicate with potential clients, it is essential to develop and improve the email content and graphics design to successfully engage readers.

Email Headers and Footers

Two of the most vital components of an email are the header and footer since it contributes to the overall impact of email design. Most businesses rely on professional branding advisors to create an efficient custom header and footer designs to improve their market and promote their products and services.

Email Headers

Clients and consumers seldom see the complete email header of an email, but it consists the behind-the-scenes information of the message. It does not individually regulate the communication of the data but also the metadata including destination email addresses, subject, origin, and the server pathway.

An adequate email header identifies the market brand, simplifies essential information and details, and applies consistent email campaigns. Its element design also includes a logo, business, images, links, name, and functionalities which include Preview and View in Browser.

Email Footers

Email footers are at the bottom section of an email which contains the information about the sender and links to unsubscribe and forward the email. It is one of the most vital components of a marketing email since it is the last section which consumers will see before ending the email interaction. Anti-spam laws for some regions usually require specific content to include in the footer such as the name of the organization, address, phone number, or other contact information to connect to the business.

In addition to this, the common elements of an effective email footer should include an easy-to-find link to opt out, a link to your page (homepage, blog or product listings), social media buttons that redirect to valuable platforms of your brand and a fine print where permission reminder, copyright mark (©), privacy policy and details of an offer.

Design Tips for an Effective Email Header and Footer

Keep it Simple and Readable – For email headers and footers, businesses tend to crowd them with several buttons, icons, images, and links. It is essential to evaluate the most significant information to include and keep the details minimal. Too much information in these sections can overwhelm the readers and they can ignore it altogether due to overcrowding. The readers and potential clients should be able to identify the intended message of the email.

Maintain a Chronological Order – After establishing the details, businesses should organize the information on a chronological order based on the most significant ones and what the entity prefers the potential clients to seek.

Utilize HTML Background Colors – Applying background colors is one of the most effective approaches to identifying the different components of email marketing. HTML offers a variety of colors that can enhance the contrast the texts and background of the header and footer.


How We Can Help?

If you want to go a step further in enhancing your email marketing campaigns, Evergreen Advisors can help you achieve this. Our Advisors will take your logo, and create 10 custom header/footer designs that capture your brand and you pick the one that you will use to create an effective marketing message, thus gain increased results.


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Take advantage of our state-of-the-art email headers and footers design in 4 easy steps:

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  3. You decide what your header/footer will be.
  4. Advisor provides you the header/footer design, and all the design elements to reproduce it on all your company emails.


What We Promise

  • Header/footer design and .pdf with all the design elements required for any graphic artist to painlessly insert it into your email system for all your company correspondence.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


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