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If you have a Mobile Application Group in-house that needs Advisor Training or just a helping hand, we can provide custom packages that range from supplementation, part-time training or full-time training.

There are over 2 billion Smartphone users around the world. Staggering 51% of people open their mobile apps 1-10 times daily and mobile app usage is predicted to skyrocket over 1000% in the next 3 years.

Businesses must invest in mobile apps as it revolutionizes the way customers shop and searches for the information on the products or services they are interested in. Many companies are seeing a huge increase in revenue by having a mobile app and considering getting a mobile training to enhance their skills and knowledge in designing and developing a successful mobile application, not only for their business but also to improve the productivity of their employees.

Important Q&A In Developing A Mobile Application

How do you figure out if your app idea is a good one?

How do you know if it’s worth spending your time, energy and money to build this app? The best way to validate your app ideas is to talk to everyone you meet. Talk about it with your friends, with a sales lady or with a checkout cashier. Everybody has a valid opinion. By doing this, you might just come across somebody who has a unique insight or who might be one of your app’s customers in the future and people who will give you advice along the way.

Should you ask for an NDA (Nondisclosure Agreement)?

NDA is a piece of legal agreement that prevents anybody from stealing your idea. With this, you would need the legal console to be able to back up this piece of paper. Anybody who’s built anything worthwhile will know that the idea is only such a small part of the success of the product. There is so much more to it including a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and hard work. It’s crucial to get advice from as many people as you can without putting them off by having to sign an NDA.

What you should do if your app idea was already created?

Do market research and look for variations of your idea and see if anybody’s already created it. If that idea has been taken, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make it. You might have unique domain knowledge than the other people who are making it and you might create an app that’s far better than the existing one. There are unique angles that you can approach in every single idea. Don’t let it put you off. If you can create an app that addresses the problem and create a solution that you love, you can be sure that other people would love it as well.

How to design your idea?

Currently, there are over two million apps on the Android and iOS app stores. When you release yours, it’s literally like a drop in the ocean. In order to differentiate yourself, you have to be able to appeal to people’s emotions. You have to make people love your app, and in order to do that, you have to think about creating a good design that stands out. Apple and Google provide user interface guidelines as well as other useful tools you can research online to help you come up with good mobile app design.

How to effectively monetize your mobile app?

Monetization strategy is something that you should bear in mind before you start developing your app. There are a lot of monetization methods and platforms you can utilize into your app to increase your revenue. Some of the best ones include Paid and Free ads, In-app purchase, Sponsorships, Freemium, Subscription model and Crowdfunding.

How do you develop your app?

That is where the programming and app development part comes in. There are many ways of developing an app. One of the most efficient ways is getting mobile app training in which you can learn from experienced and expert developers. You can talk to them about your ideas and flesh out what it is that you want to be made. By having proper training and knowledge, you can be close to the development process of your app every step of the way.

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If you have a Mobile Application Group in-house that needs Advisor Training or just a helping hand, we can provide custom packages that range from supplementation, part-time training or full-time training.

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