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Coming across the Coca-Cola Share a Coke Campaign, you have probably had your own personalized Coca-Cola bottle when it went viral. The company sold 250 million bottles and cans, in Australia alone, and continued to grow as the campaign rolled out to other countries.

Every business has its own content, a unique and worthwhile one that targets customers’ attention and money. Content is used in marketing to build contagious ideas that can be spread and cannot be controlled, just like the Coca-Cola Share a Coke Campaign. Even a small business has its own content, and in fact, there are limited resources but high competition amongst companies when it comes to content marketing. It seems fair to say that behind every successful content are the content consultants and creators.

Content Marketing Essentials

The main objective of content marketing is to generate profit by creating and distributing consistent, relevant and valuable content to target audiences. It is a strategic marketing technique, by “strategic” means everything should be planned, well laid on the table, and has a goal. It is not traditional advertising where you put a product on sale hoping someone purchases it. It is something that can be very contagious that once it is out in the public it can spread, go viral, and affect customers buying decision.

The backbone of content marketing is creative ideas. Without these, content marketing can be a serious problem for companies. Creative content attracts and retains visitors, or viewers, that eventually can turn into customers. Generally, content marketing is used to gather customers, make them purchase, and retain them using creative contagious content.

Why Content Marketing Strategy & Content Consulting are so important?

Creative ideas for your product can be picked up everywhere but planning and properly executing them is another thing. You may run out of content marketing campaigns in times you need to improve and build your brand. You may not consistently keep the momentum going when you need to generate leads.

Much content marketing fails because of poor content marketing strategy. Content marketing strategy answers the reason why you are creating content, who is it for, and how it is unique among the others. Think of this as an outline of what your business is all about, what are your customers need, and how are you using content to address them. In other words, this is the part where you visualize the success of your company, and of course, the risks.

There is no definitive template for building a content marketing strategy as businesses have their own uniqueness and creativeness, but there are common components include in it. This includes your business plan, your target audience, content maps, your brand story, and your channel plan.

Running out of creative content is a really big problem for companies especially in this digital world. The competition is really high nowadays as big companies are setting the bar high amongst their competitors. These companies thoroughly study their market and run through content consulting. Content consulting provides analysis of existing content, quality content for a website, blog or social media profiles, and identifies channels where a company can promote their content.

Content consulting is the answer to content marketing problems. Hiring a content consultant eases the work in communication, analysis, and technical parts. A content consultant is a highly skilled person with a great depth of communication skills, an understanding of data analysis, and equipped with technical skills. Since content marketing is evolving and changing, content consulting can keep your business in the trend. Every business has to grow with the latest marketing strategies and platforms and content consulting can help you with it.

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