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Evergreen’s Advisors can provide you a professional User Interface that keeps both form and function in mind. UI is the step beyond Mobile Application Design.

Everybody is throwing this word ‘UI Design’ around today. We see it all over the web and resources that are centered around business, startups and big companies. Apple has been a huge force in bringing user interface to the forefront of business.

The term ‘user experience design’ is adopted by the tech community in the 90s when Don Norman, the famous author of The Design Of Everyday Things, he started referring to User Experience Design as relating to companies and their products.

Nowadays, when we talk about User Interface Design, it is mainly spoken about within the technology industry of websites and applications with one goal; to make the user’s experience as simple and efficient as possible.

Understanding UI Design And User Experience

UI Design focuses on maximizing aesthetics to provide a good user experience. It can be done using a pen or a computer visualization software, resulting in an interface based on a planned user experience that can be utilized to test a product, service, website or application.

User Experience is about how people feel about using whatever it is in front of them. Ultimately, a USER is a person or a human being with dreams, goals, thoughts, and desires. When they use something, they are generally doing it with something in mind, which they want to accomplish at the end of it, whether that’s a product, a website or some service that you provide. These people have emotions and feelings and it’s these feelings about your product that become the User Experience.

In a nutshell, User Interface Design is all about the look and feel and the interaction and presentation of the product itself. This plays an important role as it helps users understand what they need to do and help them achieve their goals as easy as possible.

Importance Of UI Design

UI design creates visual interfaces for software to make the life of the users as simple as possible. A User Interface without a User Experience is like you are just throwing paint randomly at a canvas, hoping that it looks good. Likewise, User Experience without a User Interface is like a sculpture with a frame that doesn’t have anything to cover it and define its purpose.

Powerful visual design cannot be underestimated. Once the wireframes have been handed over, the UI designer can start adding an emotion using breathtaking images, vibrant colors and exciting fonts. The designer will then use sketching tools to create rich designs that are as realistic as possible. This is where conversations about visual aspects happen.

The user must look at the interface application of a source and feel that it is easy to navigate and that they don’t have to think too much about what they are doing. Nevertheless, UI design is not just about creating beautiful pictures on the screen, it’s also the process that is needed by web pages, software applications, and, any interactive device to maximize and optimize the user experience.

A good UI design is vital because today’s users are more dependent on computer and all these electronic devices than they were many years ago. Therefore, there are lots of users out there that need good UI design to help them focus on what they supposed to focus on and not trying to figure out where they have to go next. When they sit in front of the screen and click on a button, it should be simple for them to get what they want.

How We Can Help?

Evergreen’s Advisors can provide you a professional User Interface that keeps both form and function in mind. UI is the step beyond Mobile Application Design.

It is literally taking design, and tying it into an Interface that allows consumers to interact in a manner consistent with the wants and desires of the website owner. UI Design is where the rubber meets the road in Mobile Applications!

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