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If you have a Mobile Application Group in-house that needs Advisor Consulting to gain our expert opinion, we can provide custom packages.

In the beginning, mobile apps or applications were just simple things. No network needed, just basic utility apps. Then we started getting social media apps to stay connected with our friends all the time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are all complex apps with communication ability, databases networks, and even geolocation base. Then shopping apps like Amazon and eBay came along for businesses, allowing consumers to order stuff conveniently instead of waiting until they are in front of a computer.

Indeed, mobile apps have become a powerful way to shape our world, connect with each other and conduct commercial business. More and more people now depend on Smartphones for lots of their daily needs. This allows your idea or business to develop mobile offers with the people you need to reach.

Things To Consider When Building A Mobile App

A lot of app developers don’t know how to get started. One of the most difficult things in software development is that you don’t really know what you need until you start building it. That’s why a lot of the software development best practices have moved from this kind of methodology.

But there are a lot of things developers need to consider before creating a mobile app. Successful app developers pay utmost attention to every details and need of the developing process and you can find similar success if you know these few key points;

  1. Ideas – If you are building a simple application, you should have an idea of what you are going to build. You don’t just start writing code without having an idea. You need to think ahead of time and you need to plan out what you’re building before you build it. If you sit down at your desk to work and turn on your computer, know exactly what you plan to do. You should know what kind of code you are writing especially if it’s a huge project.
  2. Language – Localize your app to ensure your customers or users will understand your content. First, date and time should be internationalized and displayed according to their phone settings. Use fewer words and provide graphical cues with audio and voice support. Keep interaction simple and easy to understand. Design an app that supports different languages. Remember, check and test everything with native speakers.
  3. Content And Features – Deliver relevant content and provide features with value. Research new markets thoroughly and build features on local trends and preferences. Of course, always think mobile first and don’t rely on web email and passwords. Offer registration using phone numbers.
  4. User Centric Approach – You want to make sure that the app you build is user-centric. Think about what your customer does and how they are engaging with you. Follow them around. What time of the day do they think about your product or service? How could they better engage with you? Whittling it down to figure out that the right experience will make sure that you are delivering something that is particularly for mobile that fits their exact needs.
  5. Testing And Feedback – Mobile testing lets you identify the issues and saves your brand reputation. Run the automated tests or opt for mobile beta testing to collect data from real usage. In addition, a lot of times you’re not going to know exactly how your consumer would engage with your app without giving them a prototype to play with. The best way to understand how your consumers interact with you is to test your app and learn from their experience. Move quickly, throw out there what you think make sense and get fast feedback.

Mobile Consulting

Mobile consulting is necessary for every startup that wants to develop a mobile application to turn an idea into a strategy. This type of consulting help in integrating the right principles and market analysis of the user needs. Mobile consultants have many years of expertise in mobile application development and will deeply evaluate your concept and suggest improvements to address your business challenges.

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If you have a Mobile Application Group in-house that needs Advisor Consulting to gain our expert opinion, we can provide custom packages. We have a team of dedicated and passionate mobility Advisors with extensive experience in mobile app designing, architecture, and infrastructure of apps, usability, mobile security as well as project management and testing.

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