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Evergreen can provide you complete Smartphone and Tablet marketing coverage such as Geo-fencing and ad targeting, Mobile Ad Design, Google Mobile Ads, iPhone Mobile App Ads among others.

In the past couple of years, Mobile and SMS marketing has achieved great popularity with the unparalleled level of engagement. Exclusive alerts, sales, and promotions are easily communicated to leads to strengthen the relationship and enhance their loyalty with the goal of converting leads to customers. Smartphone and Tablet marketing gives marketers control over exactly who receives messages and when they receive it. And with about 90% of text messages being read within the first 90 seconds of receipt, SMS is a good tool to acquire more customers and make direct sales.

Evergreen can provide you complete Smartphone and Tablet marketing coverage such as Geo-fencing and ad targeting, Mobile Ad Design, Google Mobile Ads, iPhone Mobile App Ads among others.


Mobile & SMS Services Include

Geo-fencing and ad targeting – With Geo-fencing and ad targeting, Evergreen will ensure that ad impressions are targeted on leads who are likely to interact with your brand. A robust campaign will be aimed at all relevant locations of your target audience to ensure the ads served are reaching the right audience in the right place.

Mobile Ad Design – With the increasing number of Smartphone and tablet users, mobile ads enhance your chance of reaching more people and generate more leads. Evergreen can help design interactive and engaging ads that will captivate your target audience and increase conversion.

Google Mobile Ads – Google advertising is an effective tool to expand your reach. Evergreen will use smart strategies to place engaging and effective ads on Google to help you generate leads and increase conversion.

Bing Mobile Ads – Bings mobile ads give you chance to reach millions of potential customers. They can be powerful if you know how to use them effectively. Evergreen will provide elegant designs and attention-grabbing contents to capture the interest of your target audience and convince them to click through to your website to purchase your products or contact you about your services.

Yahoo Mobile Ads – Our expertise in Yahoo mobile ads will help you to create Ads with correct keywords that will persuade and provide deep value to your target audience.

YouTube Mobile Ads – Youtube mobile ads can generate massive amounts of leads for your business, and those provided by us will take your company to new heights. Evergreen can produce eye-catchy ads that will ensure leads are converted to customers.

iPhone Mobile App Ads – Evergreen can produce engaging iPhone Mobile ads that will bring in more clients and result in proper business growth.

Facebook Mobile Ads – Facebook lead ads are particularly beneficial for mobile users. Evergreen will use a series of unique strategies to get highly targeted Facebook users to become subscribers of your to your products and services.

Twitter Mobile Ads – Twitter is an amazing platform to enhance the reach of your business. Evergreen can produce well-developed ads on twitter mobile platform that are engaging to the target audience.

Mobile Coupons – Evergreen can design impressive mobile coupons that will drive traffic to your business.

Foursquare Mobile – We can generate inbound qualified leads through Foursquare Mobile and drive growth to your business.

International Mobile – Evergreen can provide you lead-generating ads on all Smartphone and Tablet social media platforms.



  • You fill out our Mobile Marketing investigation questionnaire.
  • We provide you with a Mobile Marketing Audit.
  • We agree targets and hurdles to plug into our Bespoke Analytics Program.
  • The Advisors take complete control of all Mobile and SMS related activity per the agreed budget.
  • We set up monthly meetings for fact-based performance reviews.



  • You get a completely customized Mobile and SMS Marketing Program and an outsourced Advisor or Group of Advisors that manage your Mobile Presence.
  • 100% money back guarantee.



Starts at €15,000 Euro/month (12 months minimum).